Hello there! Welcome to the Green Goddess! I am your ultimate guide when it comes to healthy living and healthy eating.  


I work out of my garage, which had a beautiful glass garage door in, that I recently had replaced with it a custom garage door Houston. Now I can  provide you with all possible tips and information to guide you in your healthy living journey. Know that I am not in any way an expert. But I have done my research and have consulted green living enthusiasts as well in order to help you out.


My name is Dawn and I have been on a green living journey for nearly 15 years. You see, I had a breast cancer scale when I was eighteen and green living has helped me heal from it. As such, I have made it my life mission to help others in need.  


In this website, there are lots of things that you can expect. I have listed it all below, for your easy reference:  




Want to know how you can start on your green living journey? Do you want to know its health and `environmental benefits? What about its economic benefits? You can definitely find all of these information and more when you click on my resources tab. What’s more, the resources here are classified according to your journey, whether you are a beginner in green living, in the intermediate level or maybe if you are already an expert. Rest assured that whatever your level may be, I have something for you here to learn from.  


Our resources are composed of several media. We have articles you can read, some how-tos, videos podcasts and more.  




This website connects you to other green living enthusiasts. As such, I have here a forum section which seeks to get everyone to engage with each other, discuss and help each other out. The green living journey can be quite scary, complicated and confusing. As such, it pays to support and help each other out. This is the reason why I have put up this forum. Feel free to answer anyone in need or to post your own questions or threads. Rest assured that the members of this network and community will always be happy to connect with you.  




Here we post stories of inspiration, of people who have beaten the odds because of their green living journey. Learn how several friends in this community have beaten cancer and all types of illness just because they have embarked on a journey of green living. The stories here have been specifically chosen in order to inspire you and show you the power of green living.  




Once in a while, we provide here news and stories related to green living. Always check back here to get updates.  


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