Tips and Tricks For Garage Door Repair

All overhead garage doors regardless of whether they work by swing up in a single piece or rolling up in multiple sections are operated with the help of torsion springs. These garage doors run on metal tracks which are mounted on the walls of the garage.

Furthermore, a set of powerful torsion springs are placed to lift the garage door. With the passage of time, these garage doors may become malfunctioned or damaged. If these types of garage doors show minor problems in operations and functioning, these issues can be fairly simple to fix. In case of major garage door problems, you need to hire a professional like, garage door repair company in San Antonio to handle your garage door. The following are the valuable tips to get you started the fixing project on your own.

First of all, inspect the metal tracks of the garage door. Take a look at the metal mounting brackets as well to determine whether they are functioning properly or got loose. In the situation, they are, you should tighten the loose screws, nuts, and bolts inside the brackets. Afterward, close the garage door properly; examine each track carefully to find out the flat spots, crimps, or dents. In case, you find any damages, pound it out with the help of rubber mallet or hammer. If it does not work, and tracks got seriously damaged, these should be replaced with the new ones immediately.

Next, you will have to check the tracks thoroughly to make sure that they are well balanced and aligned properly. It is also good to make sure that tracks are placed horizontally and should be slant slightly downward. In the case of roll-up garage doors, the vertical tracks should be positioned plumb. These tracks must be placed at the same level on both walls. If you realized that tracks are not aligned properly, loose the screws which hold the metal mounting brackets and then tap a particular track into its right position. Recheck the level of the track using the lever to make sure that it is in the right position and then tighten the nuts and screws.

A good way to avoid the potential problems is by conducting regular cleaning in order to clean the dust and remove the dirty substances and grease build-up. Wash the garage door tracks with the help of mild cleaning liquid and then wipe them making sure they are dry completely. You should lubricate all the moving parts including the panels and mounting brackets with the help of powdered graphite and lubricating spray. You can also use any household oil and high-quality silicon spray while dealing with the garage door rollers. Don’t forget the pulleys in the system, and you should lubricate them.

Check around the garage door to find out any loose or damaged hardware, tighten up them as required. In the swing-up garage door models, you should also check the plates where the springs are placed in order to make sure that nut and screws are tight completely. You also check the hinges which hold the sections together on the sectional garage door. Tighten and replaced the damaged parts accordingly. Don’t forget to take a look on the torsion springs. In the swing up model, the torsion springs are placed on each side which is hooked into holes or notches. To adjust the required tension, move the spring hook to the next notch or hole. These springs are also controlled by cables with the simple pulleys system. To adjust the springs, pull the cable thoroughly toward the plate above the garage door and know the end so that the tension of springs is maintained. 

Hopefully, you have got the right ideas of what to do for diagnosing problems with your garage door. Don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door repair technician if you experienced something that you don’t quite understand because these problems can be rather dangerous and challenging to deal with.


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