Thank you so much for being here at the Green Goddess website. This particular tab is a venue for everyone in the green living community to interact with each other. Feel free to post your questions or answer questions posted here. It is our change to help out and support each other.  


Lian, 15 


Hello thereI I am here studying green living. I have read a lot of information about it in this website and everywhere else. Can anyone help me out on how to get started?  


Dawn, 35 


Hi Dawn. It is so awesome to have a young one like you who is interested in getting started in this journey. I always believe that you absolutely need to start young as it is good to develop the habit when you are younger. Please check out my resources tab and read up a lot of information for people like you who is just embarking on this journey. Good luck! 


Marcus, 50 


It is really good to know that there are young people like Lian who are interested in green living. Oh to be young once. I truly applaud your decision. My tip is for you to read as much as you can and to get as much information as possible. Do not feel pressured by everything you read. Do things that you feel comfortable in and at your own pace. 


Rosa, 30 


Hi Lian. Wow that is so great for you. I am 30, double your age and just starting as well. Feel free to talk about your experience here so that others like me will learn as well. That is what I plan to do.  


Lian, 15 


Thank you so much everyone. This is really a great website for learning and to get support from all of you. I will keep you updated on my green living journey.