Loving your body 


For a lot of people, especially women, one of the most problematic part is really all about hating your body. You take a photo, look at yourself and immediately hate yourself. You find that you are too thin, too fat, too tall, too small and so on. The body hate just goes on and and on.  


Let me tell you: you have to stop. If you do not love yourself and continue critiquing yourself, the no one else will be able to love you. Always remember that no one is perfect. However, you can be perfect for yourself.  


How do you encourage yourself in loving your body? Here are just some tips:  


  1. Put yourself in a a new light. You are healthy as compared to a certain percentage of the population that suffer from illness and would just want to be like you.  
  1. Exercise. It is a great way of improving your body and at the same time encouraging positivity.  
  1. Avoid all hateful thoughts. You can do that by always thinking of positive thoughts and never letting darkness creep in. Try meditation or try mind exercises. You can totally do it.  
  1. Do not compare yourself to others. You will always come up short when you compare yourself to that model on the magazine cover. But know that the model you are comparing yourself to may have her own insecurities.  
  1. Always be body positive. See the positive aspects of your body and chase away those negative thoughts. Doing so can help in your green living.  


Are you loving your body more now? Not yet? Well, just practice my tips and I guarantee that it can do a lot towards changing your perceptions on your body. I tried it and it definitely works. Let me know your thoughts. Contact me.